Friday, January 20, 2006

More games

Ok, I was going to write something about Lieberman, but decided not to. Instead, I will talk about Dawn of War and its add-on Winter Assault.

Dawn of War is a game based on the table top game Warhammer 40,000. There are 4 races in the game; The Space Marines, who are giant genetically modified super-soldiers of the Imperium of Man. The Eldar, who are a dying alien race who usually don't bother to tell anyone why they do something. The Orks, who are greenskinned aliens who live for combat. Lastly there is Chaos, who were once Space Marines but have turned traitor to humanity and now seek to subjugate it in the name of the Chaos Gods.

Leaders: Space Marines have 2, the Commander and the Librarian (who is a powerful psyker(psychic person) not a keeper of books, although some do). Eldar have one, the Farseer, and the Avatar of Kheala Mensha Khaine. The Farseer is a psyker who tries to guide events of the future they see into a pattern that leaves as many Eldar alive as possible. Khaine is the bloody handed God of War, a demon really. The Ork leaders are the Warboss and the Mek. The Warboss is the biggest baddest Ork around, the Mek is an Ork who has an innate understanding of technological principles. Chaos has 2 leaders, Commander and the Sorcerer the Sorcerer is like a Librarian.

Weapons vary between the races, Chaos and the Space Marines use bolters (Guns that shoot miniature rocket propelled explosive tipped bullets), Eldar use High tech weaponry, and Orks use crude bolters. There are some unit differences but overall the game is well balanced. The AI however, is overly dependent on the rush as a way to fight.

Resources are based on how many control points you control. The more points, the more resources you have. Which makes sense but once you have so many, the game is pretty much over, after all your opponent is not getting as many is if they didn't build up a reserve of points they won't be building too many units go force you back out of their base.

The story to the single player game is this, a planet called Tartarus V is under attack from a massive ork Waaaaggghhhh! Pronounced WAH! So the Blood Ravens chapter of the Space Marines is called in to halt the Waaaahhhhh! and kill or force the Orks to leave. Beyond that, I am not going to tell you. Go play the game.

Winter Assault is the expansion pack, they add the Imperial Gaurd (not hard since they had most of the animations left over from Dawn of War The Imperial Guard have the IG Commander (very cool he gets a command squad of specialists and has power claws), the Imperial Assassin (its an assassin nothing really special, besideds the one-shot kill). Neither one can be attached to other squads like the leaders of the other factions can. But, to make up for this, they have sub leaders with special abilities, like the Commissar, who makes the squad unbreakable, the Priest of the Imperial Cult, who adds hits to the squad, and the Sanctioned Psyker, who does something but I find them mostly useless. There are alot of unit types for the IG, basic infantry squads, to Kasarkin, who are the elite of the Cadian IG units, the Ogryn who are from high-gravity worlds and BIG, but really stupid.

Added on for the other factions are, for the Space Marines, The Chaplain, who cannot be added to a squad (pity, that), but is an excellent hand to hand fighter. The Eldar get Fire Dragons, support unit with short range but nasty weapons. Orks get, Mega-armored Nobs, Orks in powerarmor! Only there are 4 of them, which is NOT enough. Chaos get the Khorne Berzerker, imagine a Space Marine who lives to kill at close quarters, in fact its the only pleasure in life they get, then add in a religious dedication to spilling blood in the name of Khorne. You get Khorne Berzerkers.

What I don't like about Winter Assault is they made some units less expensive but more limited, like the Land Raider, one is not going to cut it, let me have my 4 back. Space Marines are hard to use now, everything is expensive and by the time you get a decent force together your overrun. They AI now uses the wave tactic, namely it builds 3 units maxes their numbers out then dumps them in your base. It sucks, because you have to concentrate on defenses instead of on getting control points. Namely, you grab the closest and start building turrets to slow down the enemy while you build the rest of the force.

The single player campaign revolves around a fallen Imperial Titan on Lorn V, the IG wants it back so it can return to war in the Imperial Armies, the Eldar want to use it against an unknown evil, Chaos and the Orks don't know of its existence at first but when they find out they both want it for themselves.

Titans are 100 feet tall and carry enough firepower to destroy a city in short order, very fun to use on opponents, even if it cant move around on its own... yet.


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