Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion

Much harder than the original Rome: Total War.

Two factions start out as hordes, the Huns and the Vandals. The Roxoli, the Sarmatians, and the Goths are the first to get run over.

I played a game as the Goths and managed to take one settlement. Then the Vandals showed up to cause a ruckus. I managed to get my defensive army to full just in time for them to besiege my capital town of Colonia Dacia. TWO HOURS later I had managed to defeat the two Vandal armies that had managed to get into the night fight.

I had six units of Gothic Spearmen, four units of Gothic Raiders (archers), and four units of Heavy Cavalry that belonged to various family members (generals). I stuck the archers out on a corner of the town that stuck out towards the Vandal lines and proceeded to wait for units to run past and get shot at. Plus I moved general units towards any gates to make forays out and try to draw some of the Vandal horse archers into range of the wall defenses. An hour and a half later I had managed to destroy 14% of their army for 1% losses in mine. Unfortunately at this point my archers had run out of arrows and just become poorly equipped infantry. So, I started running my cavalry (generals) out to "raid" one flank of the Vandal line. Naturally the horse archers on that side would run off and shoot at me while I ran over two or three units and then got out of there. Every time I did this I managed to destroy or run off two to three units. After the first raid I had killed or run off 33% of their army and I was up to 5% losses. At this point the Vandal cavalry was getting rather tired because they would keep running from one flank to the other trying to keep cover on both while I rested up my heavy cav for the next foray. I finally smashed all the Vandal cav units and killed both generals and was resting up for the next attack and I checked casualties. Forty-four percent for them and ten percent for me. So, I brought out my spearmen and lined them up facing the Vandals. I took my cav on one last attack to try and get a few units to chase them into my infantry. It worked and I went over to general attack and chewed the remaining Vandals into small bits.

After that I proceeded to hit one Vandal army after another using night attacks. During night attacks the enemy cannot get reinforcements unless its during a seige. I destroyed one army and then attacked the army that had the faction leader and the faction heir (the last two Vandal family members I could see), killing them both. The Vandals were destroyed as a faction after that.

In the meantime I had run a debt of over ten thousand Denarii. I had it paid down to about 5 thousand when the Huns showed up. I don't know how but they laid seige to one of my towns and attacked the same turn with a battering ram. How did they do that? I can't. I have to wait until the next turn to attack. Anyway, I lost that one. One cavalry unit against a horde is a foregone conclusion.


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