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I call bullshit.

U.S. whites born with privileges, activists say

Pamela Powers
Menomonie News Bureau

MENOMONIE — Just because of the color of their skin, whites are privileged in America and often don’t even realize it, according to two activist journalists.

Right. I think I would have noticed by now.

Molly Secours and Tim Wise were at UW-Stout on Monday and today as part of a residency to explore the concepts of white privilege in America.

Both left leaning activists of course.

Since 1995, Secours has had her writings published in more than 50 mainstream and Internet magazines and newspapers. She also has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows to discuss issues of racism, white privilege and reparations for slavery.

Basically making excuses for non-whites failures so they don't have to figure out excuses for themselves. I also don't recall any blacks who were slaves still living. If there are some give them thier fourty acres and a mule. Not enough? Lifes a bitch, that is all you were ever entitled to. Of course scince the fourty acres is comging out of government land, you had better get ready to fight a court battle with the leftists for it.

Wise is a prominent anti-racist writer and has spoken to more than 80,000 people in 48 states. He is the author of the book “White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son” and “Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White.”

Mr. Wise, is presumeably, a rich white man. I am not a rich white man, am I still privlaged?

Wise said many people have no difficulty accepting it is a privilege to be wealthy or able-bodied but can’t accept that it is a privilege to be white.

Because its not really a privlege? If your white you can expect to never recive as much credit for your accomplishments as a minority will. Or maybe it is that you are expected to do so much better than they, that if a "minority" person becomes as "successful" as say... thier nieghbors they are hailed as successes and then used to justify more entitlement programs.

“It is like an American Express card,” Secours said of being white. “I never leave home without it.”

Must be nice to be wealthy.

People of color face discrimination in ways most white people don’t even recognize.

Right, your example is?

Wise used talk show host Oprah Winfrey as an example. Because she is black, Winfrey was not allowed in a jewelry store in 1994 or a Paris department store last summer, Wise said.

Lets see.. she showed up after the department store had closed and proceded to DEMAND they reopen so she could do some after hours shopping. Somehow, I don't think they would have opend for a white housewife either. But, Oprah, being a rich celebrity figures rules no longer apply to her. So its, "discrimination" because her skin happens to be black.

“Oprah Winfrey still has to ask when she gets bad customer relations if it was about race,” said Wise, who is Jewish. “I know I just got bad customer service. It says a lot about privilege. It says nothing about money. Money can’t buy her peace of mind.”

Maybe she should ask if its because she has gotten to be a spoild rich bitch?

White privilege is about just being perceived white. “It is about the society of the inherited,” he said.

Tell that to Micheal Jackson, who is whiter than most whites and gets a free pass because she, I mean he, started out black.

By recognizing the privilege, people can take the first step toward resolving racism. Secours said white people need to stop being defensive about white privilege and work toward resolving it and understanding how it affects people of color economically.

Yes, I want a free ride to college because of affermitive action. I want free money from the government because I happen to be of a certain sub-race.

People of color pay may pay higher interest rates for car loans and are watched more closely when they shop to make sure they are not shoplifting.

Well, when most of the shoplifters you catch happen to be from a certain sub-race, won't you tend to watch that sub-race closer? I know I would.

She cited the example of East Nashville, Tenn., where she lives. Police urged residents to call authorities if they saw more than two young black males age 3 to 17 wearing hooded sweatshirts. Young men were being targeted for their skin color and clothing, not for any behavior, she noted.

Gang members frequently noted to never wear hoodies or be young and black. Personally, I have never seen a ganger who looked like an accountant. Except for that farside cartoon.

It is important for more people to recognize white privilege to overcome it, Secours said.

I don't think that non-white America wants to be treated like us.

Speaking against white privilege has upset people, both speakers acknowledged.

If you say so, I am upset because I don't have what are clearly my privleges for being white.

“The reality is whatever dangers I experience, which in truth are very limited, is far less than the risk people of color take just walking out their front door and deciding to go to work or driving in a white community with a tail light out,” Wise said. “I do this because I am too scared to live in a society where we don’t address this.”

Right. I wonder what neighborhood Wise lives in, somehow, I don't think its Harlem.

Mary McManus, director of the UW-Stout Involvement and Leadership Center, said the university wanted to examine white privilege during Black History Month, particularly because most white people don’t recognize the privilege.

McManus is liberal, naturally.

Jacqueline Bluhm, a UW-Stout senior majoring in family and consumer science education, said she hopes by having such speakers on campus people will think about racism.

How about reverse racisim, like entitlements?

“I think it’s great they are targeting my generation to change their thoughts, and I hope to carry it on to the next generation,” she said. “Then I hope each generation will take it one step further.”

I see that the brainwashing was successful, you must be so proud.

Entitlements are bullshit, if you can't go out and get a burger flipper job to put you though school, your not trying. If you require government handouts to make it, maybe you should look into where your money is going, if its drugs or your new BF or GF is taking it, quit spending it or tell them to take a hike. There is no excuse for not taking advantage of the "free" education you get for preschool through highschool. If you don't apply yourself you probably won't succeed in life.

But, it's so much easier to just take the governments handout and tell yourself your entitled to it.

BULLSHIT, get some pride.


Blogger Unknown said...

Yup. I'm priveleged.

That's why I'm working at a job that pays about 60% of industry average, with most of the other employees speaking Spanish...

If this is priveleged, I don't want to see the other side.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

It states that Mr. Wise is an anti-rasict writer. If he is speaking out against the white man then he is being rasict because he is speaking badly of the white man.

Also there is proof that blacks get finanical aid easier for college than whites.

Someone how my college put into the system that I was black, so for the first 3 years of college I was techically black to them. I also got student loans during those 3 years (loans, not free money mind you). I finally convinced the college that I was white (took all of those 3 years). I bet you can guess what came next, yep I couldn't get student loans anymore because the extra points I was getting for being black were no longer given to me so I was no longer eligable to get loans.

Don't tell me blacks have it so hard when they get extra's for being black.

I ended up working full time while going to school full time so I could afford to go to college.

7:29 AM  

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