Thursday, March 16, 2006

Are liberals and Hitler essentially the same?

I don't remember why I started looking for articles. Wait, yes I do,

# Darth Vader : They were socialst lite
# Deathknyte : Spork they were. They belived in government regulation of buisness. You could charge what you wanted but they decided what you would produce.
# Tuning Spork : Disarming the people is the first act of a tyrant. Nazis were tyrants but they weren't socialists in the economic sense
# Deathknyte : So do socialists, not that they admit it
# Tuning Spork : They feared the people
# Deathknyte : So, why the gun laws and other socialist ideals?
# Tuning Spork : The Nazis called themselves socialists, but they were just nationalists

I edited out all the comments that had nothing to do with the conversation.

Anyway some links.

A liberals view. Read it, its somewhat interesting and alot more sane than what you usually hear from them.

Opposing view number one. It is in several online papers.

Opposing view number two.
I liked this one.

The reason there is only one lib view is I couldnt find another one that was sane.


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