Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Current status

I am now at 300 pounds, so I have lost 15 pounds in 3 or four weeks. Not too bad since last week was spring break and I didnt do alot of watching what I was eating.

In other news, nothing has gone according to plan and now I have no idea what to do or which way to go even. One of the women I most want to spend time with right now seems to have decided that whatever friendship we had is best forgotton. Hell if I know.

UW-Stout has said that the plan for next semester is now up in the air because of unresolved "issues" with registration. I have also been told that they are considering just offering our class a straight shot into Stout without the capstone project that we are supposed to do to graduate from CVTC.

Krondax wrote me a letter from bootcamp. He is fine and is mostly enjoying himself. Wish I could be there with him. But, too fat and out of shape at this point.

I really need someone to tell me what the hell is going on and suggest what I should do.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest drinking heavily

Pretty much my universal answer :-)

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DK, I don't really know you, so it's hard to offer advice if that's really what you're asking for. For myself, when things seem crazy, I pick 'one' area to focus on, and go with that. Otherwise, I wind up starting one, dropping it to pick up another one, dropping that to pick up something else, etc.

6:36 PM  

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