Sunday, April 09, 2006

Windy day.

On a windy day, DONT SET LEAVES ON FIRE! You would think my Dad knows this, of course he "Could keep the fire from spreading". BULLSHIT! Within 5 minutes the fire had gone from a pile of leaves to covering a ten foot wide 20 foot long streach of grass, with a natural gas tank on the far end of it. We did manage to put out the fire around the tank, after Gabe and I got ourselves some new sunburns. Too much grass, too few people, and an old man who won't contemplate the worst case scenario.

In the end, he got his wish of burning all the grass off an acre from the other side of the drive. I fricken mow it every year, why burn it off? I swear, he is a pyro.

BTW the a fire department guy showed up (twice, apperently he checked out Dad's story and came back to "discuss it") and a guy from the Sherrifs department.

If Gabe and I want leaves burned, we can do it ourselves.


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