Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

Like I said before there wasn't a whole lot to the Islamic section I have not heard before. Dhimmitude is definatly not what it was made out to be. It's MUCH worse. Under Islam you can't do a great deal that people in the US take for granted. Like, say what you want about who you want, Worship as you will, Women's rights don't exist (despite the firm belif that Islam liberates women, it really makes them thier husband's or father's property.) Conversion from Islam is a death sentence. No questions asked. Not kidding, its in the Koran that you will be killed if you forsake the religon.

As for the Crusades, I didn't know that the 1st Crusade was going to turn all recaptured lands over to the Byzantines. They were, up until Alexius Comnenus failed to help the Crusaders like he said he would. The 4th Crusade sacking Constantinople was because of a power play by a contender for the Byzantine throne. The sack of Jerusalem? Standard practice by all sides. In fact, Saladin was going to kill every Christian in Jerusalem when he was fighting to conquer it, but the Franj ruler of the City said before that happend he would kill every moslem in the City. So Saladin decieded not to kill all the Christian inhabitants. Saladin was not nearly the man "history" makes him out to be.

The third section of the book deals with modern Islam and its terror practices.

Its a fairly good read and somewhat informative. I plan on marking passages for cluebatting later if I end up in another debate.


Blogger SoCalOilMan said...

I am now into my second reading of this book. It wa an eye opener and gave a good overview of the religion on piss.

A religion that was founded with it's first act as a raid on a cravan to get booty dosen't exactly scream peaceful.

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