Monday, February 20, 2006

Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is considering suing Life & Style magazine for claiming the actor had ended his high-profile relationship with Katie Holmes, according to his lawyer Bert Fields.

How can you end something that your paying for? I kid you not, as far as I know, if she stays with him for 5 years she get 5 million dollars.

The star, 43, was furious by the report, which alleged not only had that he ended his engagement to Holmes, but also that the couple was acting like they were still together for good publicity.

Wasn't it acting from the beginning?

When the story was published last week, Cruise immediately issued a denial, labeling the claims "malicious fallacies". However, Life & Style says they stand by their story "100 per cent".

Dude, shut up, you think aliens invade your body to give you negative emotions.

Cruise is set to meet with his lawyer this week to discuss possible action against the publication.

How can we blow this out of perportion?

Fields says, "This is a disgusting and malicious story.

And the story that Cruise is gay is not?

"It is unequivocally false and I have already demanded a retraction. I will be sitting down with Tom in the next couple of days to discuss this story, and ultimately it's his call as to whether we bring a lawsuit. But if it was up to me, I would sue."

Because it would make you money. Stupid lawyer.


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