Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yeah, its been awhile.

Not that anyone would notice.


I bought this game called Bully. You are this kid who's mom is well, a gold digger. Anyway she married this guy who is literally old enough to be your grandfather. You have been expelled from every decent school in the country and are then sent to Bullworth Academy.

At the academy you have 4 factions, the Jocks, the Nerds, the Preppies, and the Greasers. You start out doing missions for the Nerds and against another unaligned faction called the Bullies. They Bullies are just that, bullies. Their leader is a massive dumb kid called Russel, anyway you have one year to rule the school. So far I am halfway through the school year and have only a third of the game done.

You can collect weapons like firecrackers, eggs, stink bombs, itch powder, and others you get as mission rewards.

You also get to try and make out with every size appropriate girl in the school. Lip to Lip combat only. God help you when they all like you because if they catch you kissing someone else they do one of two things, either get into a hair pulling catfight or.... introduce their shoe to your family jewels. Especially the brunette with the glasses. Ouch.

Anyway, its a fun game for a console. Made by Rockstar Vancouver in the style of the Grand Theft Auto games.